The Surprising Truths About PR: Unveiling the "State of PR 2023 for CEOs" Report

Inspiration and unique approach on how Delight Labs achieves earned media for clients. Releasing new State of PR 2023 for CEOs - Decoding PR Success and ROI.

My Journey to Cracking the PR Code

As a CEO who once grappled with the blackbox of PR, I was thrilled when I started unraveling the code. It started out with just getting some minor PR mentions. But it exploded to something much more strategic like efficient customer acquisition, building a deep and wide SEO moat, and category leadership by inventing “pulse” HR surveys.

Interviewed by Bloomberg while CEO of TINYpulse

Why I Founded Delight Labs

I discovered these PR revelations at my prior company, TINYpulse. After TINYpulse was acquired in 2021, I took some time off to recharge and evaluate what to focus on next. My initial impulse was to just start another SaaS company. 

But at the same time, friends kept seeking my help to create PR magic like we did at TINYpulse. As a result, I decided to start Delight Labs to be true partners with CEOs and companies that need to have their story told that generates bottom-line results. 

The Report: A Giving Back to the Community

To kickstart this journey, we're giving back with our report, "State of PR 2023 for CEOs - Decoding PR ROI and Success." This isn't just another report; it's a deep dive into what makes PR work, based on real data and my own experiences.

Select Insights from the Report

•CEOs Take Charge: About one-third of CEOs own their external PR relationships. This is a significant find, as it shows that PR isn't just a marketing function; it's a CEO-level strategy. If you're a CEO not involved in PR, you're missing out on a strategic lever.

•Early Investment: The median revenue for investing in PR is $7.5M, but 46% start before reaching $5M. This is a wake-up call. If you're not investing in PR by $5M in revenue, you're likely falling behind your competitors. For venture-backed companies, this means you should be thinking about PR as early as Series A or B.

Challenges: Costs and finding the right talent are the top challenges. This isn't surprising, but it's a reminder that PR isn't just about throwing money at the problem; it's about smart investment and finding the right partners.

ROI Matters: Revenue generation is the #1 metric for PR success. This underscores the point that PR isn't just a 'nice-to-have'; it's a 'must-have' for driving bottom-line results.

Full many more insights, trends, and findings, get your FREE copy of the entire report>>

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